Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The One Where I Saw Rock City... And Some Other Stuff.

 See Rock City.  It's written everywhere.  On birdhouses, the side of barns, and billboards on I-65 starting way back in Nashville.  "How could you live in Chattanooga and not see Rock City," I thought?  So last week when Micah, my SIL was visiting we decided to check out the more touristy side of Chattanooga.  We went to Rock City.

We walked through Fat Man's Squeeze... which would indeed be quite the feat for a fat man.

We saw the magnificent waterfall which I am pretty sure is man made.

And we saw the gnomes.  Odd.

Now at least we can say we saw Rock City I suppose.  As hokey as it was I'm glad that we went.  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain.

My Mama, her fiance Tom, and Caleb's parents also joined us for the weekend and Saturday we made the trip up to Point Park which is located on the same mountain as Rock City.  Unlike Rock City, there is nothing man made about this park... except the cannon's that the soldiers drug up the side of the mountain and are now on display in the park.  So beautiful.

Its not all been fun and games around here though.  We've been working in the yard to tame our shrubs and de-jungle the backyard and I am still trying to get everything set up just how I like it.  I also started my new job this week.

And I shouldn't forget to mention that we adopted this little baby.  Don't let the cute face fool you.  She is a little devil.  Splinter is gradually adjusting.

Several people have asked to see pictures of the inside of our house.  Here is a little peek pre-furniture.  Sorry for the horrible lighting... the wall color is grey.  I plan on showing some before and after room reveals this weekend!

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