Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Craft Quicky: Fabric Covered Canvas

Framed fabric seems to be a pretty popular decorating staple right now.  My friend Lauren over at LA Stitch recently posted about how she used framed fabric to decorate her new apartment and I loved how it looked! 

I have never framed fabric, but something that I have done several time in the past that is pretty similar is covering a piece of canvas with a piece of fabric that I wanted to incorporate into the room.  I'm not a seamstress by any means so this is a way to use fabric and easily incorporate color and interest into a room.  Its also really inexpensive!

In the guest bedroom that I recent finished I wanted something cheap and easy that would have a big impact and take up a big chunk of wall space.  I didn't have a picture frame, but I did have a large canvas that I had started a project on and never finished (imagine that...).

You only need a few supplies:
A canvas
Piece of fabric
Hot glue gun 
** I also recommend ironing the fabric well so that no wrinkles show.

After ironing your fabric, place the canvas face down on the material.  Its easiest to do this on the floor, but my little kitten wouldn't let me get any work done.

Put hot glue along the back part of the canvas where the canvas is stapled to the wood frame.  I staple gun also work really well for this project and enables you to stretch the material tighter.  I don't have one so hot glue worked just fine.

Be sure that the fabric is pressed into the hot glue securely so that it stays in place.  Also be sure to stretch the fabric tight so that the look is clean on the front of the canvas.  The corners are a little more difficult to maneuver, but make sure that the fabric doesn't bulk in these areas.

The last step is to hang the fabric on the wall to enjoy!  Done!

Easy.  Cheap.  Big Impact!

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  1. A glue gun - genius! I always thought I needed a staple gun for this...haha


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