Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal!

Our house is really starting to feel like our home.  My latest project has been transforming our bedroom from a dumping ground for the things that don't have a real place into somewhere that we can wake up in the morning feeling rested and relaxed (and not have to worry about tripping on junk when we get out of bed!).

I finally put the finishing touches on the this room yesterday and have been so anxious to share these pictures!  I can actually feel the difference that finishing this room has had.  In the morning I actually like waking up in here...

Upon moving in, this was one of the spaces that was not too terrible.  The paint job was fairly well done, but as you can see it went with their theme of yellowish toned paint colors.  Speaking of paint... there was white paint ALL over the floor.  When we looked at the house the owners had hidden it with a big rug.  And removing paint from the floor is an ongoing project.



Much better wouldn't you say?  I love the combination of gray and turquoise and wanted this room to be a little more on the fun side.  I got these amazing pillows from this shop on Etsy and I LOVE them!  They are put together really well and I was pleased with the quality.  I have two more covers and I will eventually put one more on the bed and the other on the chair in the corner.

My main tool in decorating this room was a can of spray paint.

This curtain rod (excuse my ill adjusted curtain...) was actually in the room when we moved in to the house.  I saw the idea of painting curtain rods on Pinterest and have been dying to do it since the day I saw the pin.  

For those of you who are fellow Harry Potter fans/geeks, I think you will appreciate this little ode to   Harry.  For those of you who do not like Harry Potter... you have no idea what I am talking about.  Caleb had no idea what I was talking about when I told him this was from Harry Potter.

So what do you think of empty picture frames?  This is also an idea that was made cool by Pinterest, but that my mother and grandmother have been doing for years.  I love it.  Caleb hates it.  Well, I don't know that he hates it, but be thinks it is silly.

One more look at the finished project!  So refreshing!

Finally, I want to bring attention to that fact that the only things I bought for this room were the pillow covers, the letters on the wall, and the silver tray.  Oh, and two cans of spray paint.  Valspar makes the best spray paint I have yet to use.  I think I think I spent a total of $50 on this room and spray paint made this possible (and the reuse of old items).  

I gathered up a bunch of items that I otherwise would have taken to Goodwill because they didn't have a spot in my home.  Either they didn't match or they felt old and dingy.  I put down an old sheet in the yard, spread out all my chosen items and spray painted to my heart's desire.  Caleb said I was ruining good wood, but I know that even he was pleased with the end result!

I can't wait to go buy some more paint!  Stay tuned for my attempt at a striped wall!

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