Thursday, August 30, 2012

Current Crush Thursday: Travel

This week for my current crush I decided to go in a different route. I didn't pick a favorite product or Pinterest pin, but my recent obsession is with planning and taking trips.

Everyone in my personal life knows how much I love to travel. A day trip, a weekend trip, a weeklong vacation {even better!}... all perfection! If I get to stay in a nice hotel it's a double bonus. If it involves an airplane... I think I've won the lottery!

The past month or so I have found myself dreaming about all the travel opportunities that I have coming up. At the end of September I'll be traveling to Massachusetts to Martha's Vineyard for the wedding of mine and Caleb's wonderful friends Lauren and Derek.  See... Aren't they cute!

Unfortunately Caleb won't be able to go so it will be my first solo adventure! How exciting?!?! I can't wait to see Lauren in her dress and to spend a little time on a new England beach!  

Of course I have also been dreaming about what I'll wear to the wedding.  And on the plane.  And on the beach should I have the chance.  I've pretty much been thinking about what I'll wear the whole time I'm there!  Hey, if a girl is going to Martha's Vineyard she wants to look her best doesn't she?!

Maybe something like this for the plane?

I can't wait to wear oversized sweaters and boots!!!
Source: The High Heeled Hostess via Kelsey Perry on Pinterest

Or this maybe??

Source: Polyvore 

But I'm really obsessed with white button ups right now... so maybe this??

Source: Fashionista Trends
Lets not even begin talking about what I'll wear to the actual wedding!  

Yep, current crush is definitely travel.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love your hair! Loving these fall outfits too- I want all of them! Following you- follow back if you want!


    1. Hey Lindsey! Thanks for following! I actually started following you about a week ago I think. LOVE your thrifting finds... you've inspired me to make a trip to Goodwill this weekend!!!


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