Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting


Today I'm doing another link up with a great new blog that I found called The Vintage Apple.  I've been on the hunt for some new and interesting blogs to read.  I love coming across other ladies who have 9-5 jobs, but also find time for their passion of blogging!

Anyway... on with the link up!

Favorite Quote.

Fabulous.  I am sooooo doing this.

Double Take
BHG via Jackie Koerner on Pinterest

I need to remember this piece of advice more often.

Tumblr  via Layla Grayce on Pinterest

so tiny and sweet!
Intimate Weddings via Urban Farmgirl on Pinterest

What fun things have you been pinning lately?  You can follow me on Pinterest here!

Speaking of Pinterest, this weekend is going to be known as the weekend of 1,000 projects.  I'm feeling ambitious and am staying home to give my house some much needed TLC.  Stay tuned for what I get accomplished... and for that striped wall I've been talking/dreaming about!


  1. Great idea for some office space. It would be an easy DIY too!


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