Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Relaxification of My Home.

At my new house the old owners loved them some yellow...

Yellow bedroom.

Yellow dining room.

Yellowish beigeish living room.

Yellow spare room.

Yellow entry.

And they loved chalk board paint.  I now hate chalkboard paint.  

Oh... I forgot to mention that above the chalkboard paint was yellow wall.  In this picture I had already started to paint over the chalkboard which was no easy feat.

More yellow.  Guess what color the sunroom and bathroom were?

I am by no means a hater of the color yellow, but I have never found it very relaxing.  I want my house to be a calming place that I can come home to after work and read a book... or watch Teen Mom.  You know, whichever...

So the process of relaxifying (yes, I know thats not a word) has begun!

Luckily, I grew up with a mom who has her degree in HGTV (thats what Caleb always says!) :)  So painting came fairly easily to me.  Caleb on the other hand had no idea what to buy, how much to get, or what the general process was for painting a room.  I realize that this is probably a pretty common issue with young homeowners.  So stay tuned with interview with my mother the "almost painting professional"!

Have any tips for creating a relaxing living space?  Please share!

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