Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Brand New Home and I Am Thankful.

I want to start this post by expressing my condolences regarding the events that took place this morning at the movie theatre in Colorado.  Horrific events like that make it easy to be thankful.  That could have easily been me or my family just on an outing at the theatre to see a regular old movie.  I just can't imagine...

And I have many many things to be thankful for...

It has been a hectic past couple of weeks to say the least.  Although I have been busy, stressed out, and even bored on occasion, its easy to remember how fortunate I really am.  One of my biggest dreams has finally come true!  I AM A HOMEOWNER!  Yes, we have our own little slice of the American dream!

It is exactly what I have always wanted.  I have hardwood floors.  A back deck.  A big living room window with flowing sheer curtains.

I'm thankful for a husband who insisted on mowing the yard at risk of having an allergy attack.  A husband who sucked it up for me and bought a lawnmower and weed eater and assembled them in our garage to tame the jungle that is our yard.


This week when I have found myself growing tired of cleaning and painting I have found myself saying... "But its my very own house!"  And that makes it feel oh so amazing.

Sometimes the simple things are the best things... and we should never take them for granted.

More pictures and home improvement projects to come!

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  1. Of course you already have a MOCS yard sign! I love it and can't wait to be there on monday!


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