Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lets Go Racing Boys!

In my wedding vows I actually made the promise to Caleb that I would watch NASCAR with him on Sundays.  What. Was. I. Thinking?

Promising to watch it on T.V. was one thing, but I never thought that I would actually go to a race in person.  In 105 degree heat.  But there I was... tailgating in the blazing sun, eating turkey sandwiches and guzzling water like it was going out of style.  It was so hot that the jar of peanut butter we brought was completely liquid within 15 minutes of our arrival.

We were completely unprepared which was evident by our lack of a shade tent that was practically mandatory and separated the seasoned race attenders from...  We made due by using umbrellas.  It was like a game to see who could get every millimeter of their skin completely covered by the umbrella's precious shade. 

It was so hot that periodically we would go in the car and blast the air conditioning for a solid 20 minutes only to talk ourselves into once again submitting to humidity and braving the brazen conditions that we assured ourselves would make laughable memories later.

I talk a lot of smack, but it was really a ton of fun.  We laughed, drank some beers, and sweated until there was no more liquid left in our system.  Then we ate a giant turkey leg.

The roar of the engines were so intense.  If you have never been to a race I don't even think that it can be described!  It only added to the excitement.  There was just something really neat about seeing a race in person (but don't tell Caleb!).

And soon after the race started the sun set and the temperature dropped.  The intense heat of the afternoon only added to the experience, making it most memorable and one of those times that could never be forgotten.

I would definitely do it again!

But did I mention that it was hot?!

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