Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aretha Frankenstein's: A Break from Painting.

I've taken a couple of well deserved breaks throughout the process of cleaning/painting my home.  Most of them to eat out at new restaurants... well, new to us.

There are many many places to eat in Chattanooga.  Caleb and I tend to lean toward places that aren't chains.  The one place that we have made a point to repeat visit is Aretha Frankenstein's.  I love it.  It literally is this itty bitty place with probably four tables on the patio, six tables inside, and stools where you can sit at the porch railing.

Its located in the middle of a hipster neighborhood in a kind of residential area.  Pretty neat.

The menu has both breakfast and lunch items, but breakfast is where this place really shines.  Both times I got the breakfast burrito.  You get to pick your own fillings.  My choice was egg, cheese, bacon, potato, salsa, and sour cream.  Perfection.

They also have amazing pancakes unlike any others I have ever had.

WARNING:  Don't come here if you want a fast meal.  They cook all of the food in a small kitchen that you would find in a regular old house so it can easily take an hour if they are busy.  They are almost always busy.  

Just be ready to drink some coffee and enjoy the day while you wait.

And then when your food finally comes... Mmmmmm!

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

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  1. We are going here when I visit. Looks delicious!!


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