Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Much of Good Thing?

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Too many fabulous weekends?  Did the giant scale that measures out good weekends finally tip in the direction of bad?  I think so.  Caleb and I had another jam-packed fun weekend planned for Memorial Day, but for me it came to an abrupt halt with a headache, fever, and a tummy rumble.  Yep, the stomach flu.  Ick.  

I managed to squeeze in one great evening in Hanover, IN with my sister-in-law and Caleb's family.  We celebrated Micah's graduation with a picnic and some karaoke... hopefully a video of Caleb singing his heart out to "Let It Be" is soon to come.  

I was actually feeling really crummy here, but I think I
hid it pretty well!
The following day I made it to the graduation, but admittedly slept through over half of the ceremony (sorry Micah).  I did get to see Micah walk across the stage and I am so proud of my sis-in-law.  The rest of the day was spent laying in bed not even caring that the rest of my family attended a riverside graduation celebration under a white tent that included homemade fried chicken and all the sides, a DJ, dancing, toasts, and plenty of wine.  

We stayed in this cute little room at River Boat Inn.  I was real familiar with the smaller of the two beds by the end of our stay.

Caleb's feet littering the picture.
Luckily, on Sunday my fever was gone and I was able to make it to Sugar Mill for my family's annual fish fry.  I managed to enjoy some fish and onion rings, but was totally bummed that I wasn't able to hold Baby Cannon.  :(  How adorable is he?  I would have hated for him to get sick on my account.

Caleb, fish fryer extraordinaire!

Monday things started going downhill again and today I finally went to the doctor.  Thankfully he confirmed that I was not contagious after my fever broke on Saturday, wrote me a prescription, and encouraged me to lay on the couch all day.  I stopped at the pharmacy, picked up my medicine, and rented two movies from the Redbox.  I also managed to do 6 loads of laundry so the day wasn't a total bust.  I always feel so guilty staying home from work sick though... 

The extent of this weekends plans consist of a date with my hubby to go to the theatre and thats that.  I'm going to sleep in, read, sew, and take it easy!  

I hope that you all were well over Memorial Day.

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