Friday, June 3, 2011

Marigolds, Fireworks, and Fireflies.

Have I ever mentioned that I love summertime.  Kids are getting out of school and to me, even though I'm no longer a student, that marks the true beginning of summer.

I love the hot weather.  Campouts.  Running outside.  Farmer's market.  The smell of freshly mowed grass.  Vacation.  Drives with the windows down and listening to music.  Strawberry shortcake.  The green leaves on the trees.  Ice-Cream.  Cotton dresses.  The Fair.  Sugar Mill.  Fireworks.  Watermelon.  Boating.  Marigolds.  Eating outside on the patio.  Fireflies.  The sound of crickets.  Cooking using fresh ingredients.  The general sense of happiness that comes with the change of the season.

From my patio last summer.
Does anyone else love the season changes?

It seems that with every season I find myself anxious for the different traditions that I associate with each time of the year.  During the summer its time to wear light fun clothing, catch up with friends, plan trips and excursions, and cook summery dishes with fresh ingredients.  I associate summer with excitement, fun, and adventure.  Its time to let loose and try new things!

Now its the weekend, and I am feeling a trillion times better that last weekend.  Time for some adventure. 

Happy Friday!


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