Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Baby Baby

Times like these I wish I had a nice camera to capture special moments.  Words cannot express what a wonderful weekend I had with my friends last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.  I guess I think that a fancy camera would make up for my lack of an expressive vocabulary...  or maybe I'm just thinking of excuses to get a new fancy electronic...

Friday my friends and I drove to Evansville for the baby shower that I threw for my amazingly wonderful and beautiful friend, and mother-to-be, Brittany.  I met Brittany in college and after weddings, tragedy, many glasses of wine, and now a pregnancy, she has turned into one of my very best friends.  Brittany is the kind of friend that calls every week to see whats new, would travel across the state to see me if I needed a shoulder to cry on, and gossips with me up over a glass of wine.  I just know that she will be an amazing mother and I can't wait to meet little Nolan.

The glowing mother-to-be!

Her shower was a picnic theme, but everyone knows that Mother Nature has not been showing us any mercy so the shower ended up taking place inside.  Most of the paper items, silverware, straws, and utensils came from an amazing website called Garnish.  Seriously amazing.  Love it.  I will be using this site when I plan all future events.  I love it because the prices, even shipping, are very reasonable, the service was prompt, and the products were very high quality.  AND you don't have to order in bulk!

Oh how I would love to be a party planner....

These cupcake were absolutely delish!  They were filled with cream cheese
and chocolate chips so there is no need for icing!  They are perfect
for an outdoor picnic.

Dianna and Jessica are two others that I can't live without... Dianna is getting married in September and Jess and I are currently planning her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  You all know how much I love planning so I am in heaven.  HEAVEN.  It's all I can think about!

My favorite part of any shower is the gift opening.  I made this wall hanging for Baby Nolan's nursery.  I also made a scrapbook.  Both were surprisingly easy.  I got the idea for the wall hanging from Crap I've Made. Wonderful blog.  Seriously.  You should read it.  

Look at us.  Love.  

This was really just a small part of our weekend.  There was movie watching, Italian soda drinking, Ice-Cream shop visiting, shopping, and much more.  Plus we got pizza from the most amazing little pizza place in the world.  A post on that to come.

I hope everyone is staying safe with all this crazy weather...


  1. I am planning a baby shower and i LOVE the red & white! My question is re: the red/white gingham tablecloths. Are they paper/plastic? Where did you find them. I like the fact that they're not the typical larger red/white check picnic tablecloth. Thanks!

    Michele, Huntington Beach

  2. Michele,
    The tablecloth that I used was cloth and I found it on an Ebay store called Lake Forest Kitchen Lady. This is the website:
    Also, you can find several different varieties if you type in red gingham table cloth on Ebay's home page!


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