Monday, May 23, 2011

Fire Pie Love.

I had the most amazing weekend!  I was disappointed when it was brough to an abrupt end by my annoying alarm telling me that it was time to get up and go to work this morning.  Ick.  I actually had a dream that I decided to take the day off and extend the weekend by sewing and watching trashy daytime t.v all morning and afternoon.  Oh well, I went to work like a big girl.

Before I tell all about my fabulous weekend with my wonderful, beautiful, and oh so fun-to-be-around girlfriends, I want to post about my previous just as wonderful weekend camping with my family.  Last week was so hectic with making plans for the baby shower that I never got a chance.

I loooove love love going camping.  Although I love roughing it in the woods, eating off the end of a hot dog stick, and peeing in the woods, my favorite kind of camping is at Sugar Mill.  I love the smell of the campfires, the sound of golf carts putting around the lake, and the host of memories associated with my teenage years. Part of the attraction is the fact that my family has been camping there for years... and all the memories I have of my father in one of the places that he was happiest.  

My family loves it there.  My grandparents are Sugar Mill celebrities.  They have their own commemorative rock with their names and how long they've been camping.  Yep, your read that right... 41 years plus going to Sugar Mill.

I think that my Grandpa loves Sugar Mill best.  My Grandma loves it too, but Grandpa is a die-hard Sugar Mill camper.  I think that he is the first one out on the dock fishing every season.  If the weather is nice, and even when it isn't, you better believe that he is down there seeking whatever might be biting.  

Sometimes I get in on the action...

Caleb's activity of choice is, of course, reading.  Not just any reading... thats a textbook in his hands, people.  Who reads a textbook when they are camping?  Aren't you supposed to relax?  Oh well, I guess you have to admire his dedication.  

But I saved the best part of the weekend for last... Fire Pies.  Its like a grilled cheese, but made in these pie irons and with a fruity filling... or Caleb's personal favorite: marshmallow and peanut butter.  You cook it over the fire and eat it all nice and hot and gooey.  Mmmm...

I obviously know how to enjoy my food... I debated whether or not I should mention this, but I have a confession to make.  I ate three fire pies....  In case you lost count, that is six pieces of bread filled to the seams with fruity goodness.  I will admit... I realized it was a mistake as soon as I took my last bite.  When in Rome...

The weekend ended way too soon, but I couldn't think of a better ending.  My Grandpa told stories out at the campfire of all his Shenanigans from when he was younger.  I love those stories.  I could listen to them over and over.  My grandfather is an amazing, wonderful, and inspiring man.  And he knows how to have fun.  :)  


So Caleb and I went home smelling like campfire and rested... and I think I went home 5 pounds heavier... It was a wonderful wonderful weekend.  I have the best family.

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