Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Thoughts.

*Thought Number 1*

Pinterest is like crack.  I can't stop pinning.  The only recipes that I've made for months have come from there.  Its almost an unspoken rule in our home... making a grocery list entails a mandatory login to Pinterest to create a menu.


Guacamole from For the Love of Food


Bourbon Chicken from Fake Ginger

And Yum.

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala from Meal Planning 101

*Thought Number 2*

I love chore charts.  I've been getting organized as you may have noticed.  Caleb and I recently created a chore chart.  Maybe it says we are lazy and need a nightly reminder of what our household duties require.  Maybe it says we're six.  I think it just says we're awesome.

*Thought Number 3*

I have a really handsome husband.

And cat.

*Random Thought 4*

I love getting mail.  Especially when if come in the form of a Pleated Poppy wristlet clutch.  If I'm having a bad day and I come home, check the mail, and find something addressed to me?  It's an instant pick me up!


Thats all.  Happy Monday!

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

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