Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Little Organization: DVD Collection

Does anyone else ever feel like they have a lot of crap?  I recently realized that I own 80+ DVDs.  DVDs that I haven't seen in years, that I've never watched, that I didn't even know I had.  As I've mentioned before we have very limited space in our apartment and I was taking up three valuable drawers with movies!

They weren't organized and I wasn't even able to tell what all I had... definitely not ideal on the occasion that I wanted to pick out a DVD to watch.  I decided that they needed to at least be organized by alphabet and that the best way to consolidate would be to take the DVDs out of their case and put them in a binder of sorts.

There were some movies that I definitely knew I wanted to keep in the case.  I kept all the series', my favorites, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.

But look how many cases I was able to eliminate!  Don't worry, all of these were recycled.

All the movies fit into this one little black binder-ish thing except for these few.  I plan on picking up one more.  I found this one at Target for about 10 bucks, but you could probably find one elsewhere for cheaper.

Look!  So much neater.  And now I have so much more drawer space!  It's amazing!  When you compare it with the three drawers that my movies previously took up its incredible!

Splinter thought it was a good idea too!

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