Monday, February 6, 2012

Craft Quicky: Valentine Heart Paper Chain Garland

I LOVE Valentines Day.  Okay, I love any excuse to decorate.    Keep in mind that I live in the teeny tiniest little loft apartment and don't have a mantel so the top of my bookshelf serves this purpose.  Since the decorations are supposed to be for Valentine's Day I had to add some pictures of my Love Caleb.  I especially love the one of us from Freshman year of college.  Caleb's hair makes me smile.  :)  The other is one of our engagement photos.

I picked up the little angel and the paper doilies from Dollar Tree.  I strung the doilies through ribbon to hang them up and then added my Mason Jars with some carnations.  Carnations just happen to be my favorite flower... I'm a cheap date.  I dug out an old scrap of fabric to put underneath.  It's almost like a game to scrounge around through all my junk to try and see what I can put together!  

I knew that I wanted to add a homemade touch and once again, I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew that it was something that I was going to try.  It was really easy and only took about a half an hour to make a chain that was long enough to drape over the bookshelf.  

All you need is some scrapbook paper, a ruler, a pencil or pen, and a stapler.  I put the ruler down on the paper and made the strips the width of the ruler so that they would all be uniform.  I cut the strips, then folded them in half to make them the right length.  The pictures below do a better job at explaining how to put the chain together than I think I could do trying to put it into words.

And there you go!  Totally Valentine worthy!

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