Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What A Mess!!

My name is Jodi and I have a problem.


My husband and I live in a very small space.  If you haven't already figured out from my last post, I need for things to be tidy.  When they aren't I lose my mind.  I finally got everything straightened up from my little experiment with the hubby last week, but I will have to tell you that there is one exception to my rule of tidiness....  our bedroom.

If any of you are die-hard Friends fans you have probably seen the episode with Monica's closet... If not, let me attempt to explain.  Do any of you have that one space that tends to be the catch all for all things junk?  That is what I am talking about.  Upon first entering the door of our modest loft apartment, all appears to be organized and clean.  The problem is that my upstairs (which only consists of a space big enough for our bed, a dresser, and a desk) tends to serve as my own personal "Monica's Closet."


The desk is the biggest problem.  I am trying to learn how to sew and I love any kind of crafting.  It is pretty close to impossible without a space to work.  Why am I telling you this you may wonder?  I AM SICK OF THE MESS!  I read all these blogs written by crafty ladies who have these super organized amazing spaces in which they can sew and create all they want and I am JEALOUS!!!

Look at this!  I have crap everywhere!!  All these wonderful, lovely, amazing craft supplies with no real home or place!  I need heeelllllppppp!!!!

This is my first attempt at a clean-up, but it still doesn't feel as organized or practical as I would like.  I think that I need some shelves, and the old schoolbooks on the bookcase have got to go.... sorry hubby....  Don't even ask where all the craft supplies went because I don't know.  They are probably all stuffed in the drawer.

And if you haven't already noticed... I don't have a stinkin' chair!!  I've been using a lawn chair... how sad is that?  How will I ever be a real blogger without a real craft space and a chair to sit in???  I better get my act together.  

P.S.  I am open to suggestions about how to organize this mess!

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  1. come hell or high water i will get you a chair gma


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