Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Amazing Husband

I started out this week with what I thought was an awesome idea for a blog entry.  First I guess that I should explain that I am a bit or maybe more than a bit obsessive about keeping our apartment clean.  According to Caleb I am always on his case about cleaning up.  He claims that if I give him more time to clean he will get it done on his own time.  "On his own time" is his favorite quote when it comes to housework.

So anyway, I started out on Sunday by taking pictures of our clean apartment and planned to not lift a finger for a whole week and track the progress of the mess that I was sure would accumulate with my absence of housekeeping.  Really I wanted to see what "on my own time" really meant.

I will admit that things started out pretty rocky... the dishes accumulated, his schoolbooks piled up, and the shoes started their own little pile on the floor beneath the ledge of the kitchen counter.  At first I found that it really put my nerves on edge.  I was obsessing about the number of plates that were in the sink, the coffee grounds that were left on the counter top, and the lone sock that had found a home underneath the trunk that serves as our coffee table.

BUT to my great surprise, Caleb came home on Monday evening and loaded the dishwasher!  Even more he picked up the clutter off of the coffee table/trunk.  And then today I came home and the kitchen was dish free again!  I totally underestimated my husband and even started feeling a little bit guilty about underestimating his powers!

So here is a formal apology to my husband:  Caleb I am sorry that I doubted your housekeeping skills and I appreciate everything that you do to help our lives run smoothly.  I love you!

Even more... I have to also admit that I have enjoyed my little two day vacation from housework... but tomorrow I am definitely breaking out the vacuum...

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