Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Grandma

Meet Mary Ann.  Also known as my Grandmother.  Also known as The World's Best Cook.  Also known as cool and hip.  Also known as AMAZING.

She will probably kill me when she sees this picture...

It is pretty safe to say that my grandmother is the coolest person ever.  For example, who else makes Cream Puffs anytime I want when I come to visit?

These, my friends, are what I like to call little pieces of heaven on Earth.  I kid you not, I could eat ten of these things in one sitting.  I usually limit myself to two at a time.  By two at a time I mean two at breakfast, two a lunch, and two at dinner.  It is not uncommon to gain 5 pounds in a weekend at Mary Ann's house.

Not only does my grandmother make amazing treats Cream Puffs are not the only delicacy, but she know all the right things to say, collects the coolest antiques, gives the best hugs, and always makes me laugh (plus we love the same t.v. shows... Desperate Housewives anyone?).  I wanted to take a minute tonight, in the midst of a stressful and ridiculously complicated day, to share one of my simple joys.  And my grandmother is one of the things in my life that brings me the most joy.  

Love you Grandma!

Stay tuned for an equally amazing post (soon to come) titled Amazing Grandpa! 


  1. ok you made me cry gma

  2. this is sweet :)
    and the cream puffs look delicious! i would eat them ALL!


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