Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day and this one was definitely the best.  I think that this one day a year is an excellent reminder of the importance of expressing your love everyday and showing your significant others... whether they be friends, partners, or co-workers.... how much you care.  

Okay.  To some of you this first picture may not look like much. Especially taken on my piece of crap point and shoot... But if you live in the Mid West I think you will agree that this is the best picture in this whole post.  SUNSHINE!!!!  

Thats me and Caleb!

Plantain Sundae at our Sunday Valentine Dinner

I always cut off the top of Caleb's head... oops!

Caleb surprised me with flowers!  They were waiting for me at the front desk after my 9:00 appointment!  They smell wonderful and I love being able to brag to my co-workers that yes, my husband is amazing.... 

Doesn't my desk look great with fresh flowers!

I wanted to do something special so since Caleb had work and then go to class I prepared a candle lit dinner apartment style.  Apartment style meaning we have no table and chairs and had to eat on the couch!  I think the candles and wine really fancied things up... what do you think?

Good Music+Candles+Yummy Food+Wine=A Hot Date!

Once again... crappy point and shoot camera picture...

Mixed greens salad with strawberries and balsamic vinegarette,
Turkey tetrazini, and crusty bread. 


Caleb hates dressing up so we had Valentine dinner in our PJ's!

I hope all of your Valentine's Days were as wonderful as mine!

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