Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why My Sister, Micah, is Amazing.

I grew up in Podunk Indiana as an only child.  Yes my parents played with me and let me have friends over and loved me and game me everything I could have ever wanted, but I always wished for a sibling.  Someone to play dolls with and whisper to at night when I was supposed to be going to sleep.

So when I got married to my wonderful and handsome husband Caleb, the fact that I was gaining an amazing sister only sweetened the deal.  Although I doubt Micah would have played dolls with me as a child hehe :) she is everything that I could possible hope for in a sister, and even more... in a friend.

So in honor of my sister's most recent accomplishments and awesomeness... this post is about her... and I call it "10 Reasons Why My Sister, Micah, is Amazing!"

Number 1: She has her picture mass printed on brochures!

Number 2:  She is a hero!

Number 3: She has her picture printed on a life size banner for all to see!

Number 4: A whole band comes to play music for her!

Number 5: She has her own cheering section and some of them dress really funny!

Number 6: She gets her own half time show.

Number 7: She is talented and people hand her plaques.

Number 8: She gets special escorts onto the court.

Number 9: She can dribble a basketball.

Number 10: People throw beautiful flowers at her!

Okay so I don't want everyone to think that she is only amazing at basketball so here are some bonus reasons why she is really cool...

She is the best BINGO player that I know. The truth...

She even won some Sham Wows....

She loves animals.

And she is an all around beautiful person.

I love you Micah!!!  P.S. Please don't be mad about the cat picture... the devil made me do it!

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