Monday, September 24, 2012

Perfect Moments.

This post has been on my mind for a few weeks now.  I'm just now getting around to writing it because I have been trying to figure out how I can express my thoughts in words that make sense.  This post is about perfect moments.

The best example that I can think to describe was last week.

Thursday, Caleb and I went to a wine class with one of his co-workers.  I was dying to take pictures because the setting was so beautiful.  We were in a small room with floor to ceiling windows on all sides.  The table was set with white linens and pristine crystal glasses.  We sat at long tables with twenty people all gathered and sharing a common passion.  Wine.

The instructor of the class opened all the windows to allow the breeze of the first perfect Fall day to wisp around the room ever so lightly.  The restaurant was riverfront and the sun was setting on the water.  The light was golden and rays of sun streamed into the room, playing off of the wine glasses filled with varying shades of red wines.  The scent in the room was that of fresh baked bread, aged grapes, wood, and the very first scents of Fall.  Clean.  Crisp.  Clear.

Glasses were clinking.  People were softly laughing.  Caleb was smiling.

Most participants in the class were taking notes on paper supplied by the instructor.  Scribbling reminders of the hints of smoke and fruit, brick color, or scent.  Anything that would remind them of the wines that they tasted during the class.  I quickly lost interest in the note taking.  I was entranced by the atmosphere.  The sun.  The linens.  The scent.  The sounds.  It was a perfect moment.  My first instinct was to capture the moment on film, but I dared not tarnish it by searching for my camera.

The moment was fleeting as most perfect moments tend to be so.  Some outside noise distracted me or the man across from me started talking about his son's liquor store.  It was gone, but not forgotten.

There are so many of these perfect little moments in this life.  The question is will you recognize them?  Will you appreciate them?

Sun beams bursting through the trees at the Cloudland Canyon waterfall.

Clear water, green moss, waterfall, a hike with my Love.

A perfect Southern Indiana wedding.  Cool breezes, friends,
locally brewed beers, dancing.

Cool green grass, Caleb's arms, wearing cowboy boots, feeling pretty.

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

I would love to hear about one of your perfect moments...


  1. What a beautiful post! And may I just say, that your hair is so cute! I love it. :)

    My perfect moment is Sunday morning, when my kids jump in bed with me and we lay quietly for a few minutes, snuggling and watching tv before getting up for the day. :)

  2. what a gorgeous waterfall! new follower from the blog hop, can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  3. that sounds wonderful!! and those pictures are beautiful!!!


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