Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Goal: Be intentional.

Several different blogs that I follow are all sharing a common theme these days.  Most are focusing on Summer goals and "to do" lists.  I've been thinking about about what I would put on my own Summer list and I just keep coming back to one goal in particular.

Be Intentional.

In general, this is a concept that I have been working on improving in my own life since the start of the year, but it seems especially important knowing that in just a short month I will be leaving behind my current home for a new one.  I'll be leaving the familiar for new friends, a new house, and completely new surroundings.  Being intentional seems like the most important goal right now.  Enjoying every second of every opportunity before moving forward into the next chapter of my life.

Until late last year, this concept was completely foreign to me.  I had never given a second thought to what it would mean to be intentional in my actions, my thoughts, or my attitude.  It hadn't even occurred to me that maybe I was letting valuable moments in life pass me by simply because I wasn't giving them a second thought.  Moments that initially maybe seemed mundane.  The Farmer's Market seemed like any other chore.  In and out.  Pick up some fresh food and leave.  But its so much more than that!  The smells, the people, the sun and heat on a dewy Summer morning... those are all things that make life beautiful and enjoyable and grand.

I didn't come to this realization on my own.  It's been through thinking, exploring, and reading blogs and books such as Enjoying the Small Things and The Happiness Project and realizing that there is so much more than just getting up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, and going to bed before starting over the next day.  And most importantly, understanding that life is what we make it.

This sign hangs in my office at work.
And so far this month I think I have been doing a pretty good job of working on my goal.  I have spent time with friends, new and old.  Ordering my favorite menu items at restaurants, sitting on the patio instead of inside, and remembering to snap extra pictures.

I've sipped champagne.  Infused with elder flower.  In a fancy restaurant.  With my fancy friend Liz.

Participated in some spontaneous dart playing where we made up our own rules.

Apparently if you stick your head out during picture taking it makes you look thinner??  Or maybe kinda silly in
this case.  :)
 I partook in some random street zip tie art while antiquing, bought a funky new chandelier, and ate spicy avocado sandwiches with Lauren who I wish I would have met six years ago, not six months ago. 

I've had ice-cream.  Twice.  No, make that three times.  :)  Each time with sprinkles.

And I made the trip to see my Little Sister from Big Brothers/Big Sisters graduate high school.  This was one proud big sis for sure!

Add in a stop at an old college favorite and you have one happy girl thus far in the month of June.  

I'm paying attention to the big things, the little things, and all the things in between this month.  Which right now translates into watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I  with a cup of hot tea in my cat mug (the cat mug makes it taste better) so I gotta go!

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

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  1. I love this post. Thanks for your thoughts on intentionality. What a great reminder to enjoy each day and be intentional with those around us!


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