Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Savannah and Charleston: Walking and Sitting.

People keep asking me what I did on vacation.  My most immediate response is, "We went to Savannah and Charleston!"  But then my response is followed by another question... They want to know, "But what did you do?"  And then I think for a minute.

My response usual ends up sounding something like this:

Well, we ate breakfast and Caleb would read (I had a book too, but usually I just stared at it).  Then we would sit.

I assure you this is Cranberry juice... I don't make a habit of having wine at breakfast... although
that might not be sooo bad on some days... ;)

I stood in front of things that I though were pretty and begged Caleb to take my picture.  He hates picture taking.

And then we would walk.

Followed by some more sitting.

And looking at more beautiful things.

Ans then if that got to be too much... there was always some more sitting to break up the looking beautiful things... however, I must warn you that the sitting also happened in beautiful places.

Now, I can sense what you are thinking... this walking and sitting is not for everyone.  But what if you were walking and sitting at places like this?

Oh.  I guess I shouldn't leave the part out about us flying a kite.  We flew a kite.  At the ocean.

With the addition of taking a few tours, eating at fabulous restaurants, and meeting Paula Deen... this is pretty much what we did.  How lucky am I?  I think that being able to do nothing but enjoying the beauty of a peaceful place with someone you love can be the best vacation of all.

More on my vacation later!

Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

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  1. I love your photos! That sounds like the perfect getaway! I love your cream lace dress :).


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