Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving Preparations.

We've been starting to prepare for our move to Tennessee!

Last Thursday we made the long drive from Muncie to Chattanooga.  We picked up my sister-in-law, Micah, on the way and THANK GOODNESS that we did!  Caleb was completely exhausted from working a golf outing earlier that day and he slept in the backseat for most of the trip.  Micah and I stayed awake by chatting and blaring a mixed CD of Disney tunes.  In our state of delirium we attempted to memorize the words to the Street Rat song from Aladdin.  Ugh.

We met up with our realtor to look at houses.  Its all so exciting and I am so ready to purchase a home that I can make my own.  I have been scouring Pottery Barn, Ikea, and Pinterest for weeks looking at home decor ideas.  We ended up making an offer on house and are just waiting for the inspection next week.  If all goes well we will be on our way to home ownership!  Caleb says if I give too many details about the home we are hoping to buy I might jinx us, so my lips are sealed for now! 

We spent some time exploring the campus of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where Caleb will be working and checked out some of the local restaurants.  We even fit in a baseball game!  It was an exhausting day, but well worth the trip.

All the excitement even energized me enough to start a little bit of packing.  I am determined not to wait until the last minute.  There is nothing worse!

Thanks to everyone who gave me moving advice!  It was all helpful and I'm sure that it will make my moving experience much more smooth.

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