Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey

Now that Halloween is over its time to start thinking about the whirlwind of holidays yet to come.  I'll admit that I have been thinking about Christmas, planning my giftwrap, and have already purchased several gifts, but I don't want to disservice one of the most important holidays of all: Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving. 

While I have been thinking about Christmas, I have also been planning in my head what I consider the perfect Thanksgiving for two.  This year I'm on call until 8 AM the day of and my hubby is working the day after.  So that means we are staying home for Thanksgiving just the two of us (with the possible welcome addition of a friend or two).  That also means that this will be my first year to prepare the Thanksgiving feast all by myself.  I can't make pie and I have never cooked a Turkey.  Or a chicken.  Or a little bitty cornish hen for that matter.


Lets face it people... my biggest fear is spending hours and hours roasting a bird only for it to end up like the infamous turkey from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.


There is definitely potential for disaster with my tendency to dream too big, take on too many things at once, and romanticize every holiday and get-together to ever occur.... I'll admit that I have a slight problem.  :)  But I have a goal: Keep it simple.  Simple can be better.  Besides, if I can't pull off cooking Thanksgiving dinner for two do I have any hope as a future mother who will one day be in charge of the holidays and traditions of a whole family?

I can do this.

I've started researching.

Luckily The Food Network can tell you everything that you ever needed to know about preparing and baking a turkey.  So hopefull, my bird will look more like this!



  1. I love the christmas vacation reference. You are way too good of a cook for that to happen :)


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