Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is Here, Bringing Good Cheer.

I think its safe to say that our first Thanksgiving dinner to ever prepare was a complete success!

Caleb prepared an amazing turkey complete with brine and herb butter rub.

The sides were delicious and I managed to have them all prepared just as the turkey was done resting and ready to be carved.

I was am very thankful to be so fortunate.  

So what now?

The last of the Thanksgiving left overs have been consumed.  The pumpkins in their bottom-rotten glory have been thrown out.  And the Fall decor has rightfully claimed its place in the trunk in the back of my closet until next September.  

Its Christmastime!

The Christmas decorations are up, I'm drinking cocoa daily (part of a well-balanced holiday diet), and I've already watched Elf, Home Alone, and Christmas Vacation.  Not to mention the fact that I learned all the words to Carol of the Bells in preparation for the season.  The holiday season is in full swing and I'm ready!

Pictures to come!

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