Wednesday, September 14, 2011


You know what else happens during Falltime?  Football.  This should be anything but a Fall post considering that it was about 8,000 degrees the day that this game took place.  But regardless, for me, football is a fall tradition.  I never know whether or not to consider the start of football season a blessed occurrence or something that I should dread with every fiber of my being.  On one hand football means more fall traditions and memories to be made.  It means tailgating, wearing warm sweatshirts and scarves while snuggling close to my hubby in the stadium, and having friends over to eat yummy food and watch the game.  On the other hand it means that most of Caleb's weekend will be occupied with work and I will have no control of the television on most nights.  :) 

Because Caleb has chosen to pursue a career in athletics football is a part of my life so I choose to focus on the traditions and memories that this season holds.  

 The season opening game for Ball State was held at Lucas Oil Stadium.  This was my first time inside the building and it was definitely impressive.  Everything still looked shiny and new even after a couple years of use.  

Micah and I were pumped up for the whole event... maybe Micah a little more than myself.

How cute is he?

Chirp Chirp

It was a fun evening.  Ball State beat IU and all was well in the universe.  Well, at least in Muncie.  

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