Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Skies and Apple Pies

Yes, I changed the name of my blog.  I wanted something with more character.  More pizazz!

I've been busy. 

I made the trip to Madison, IN to visit my SIL Micah  a few weeks ago.  Since she had to work on Friday morning I ventured out on my own and walked around the little town of Madison.  I LOVE Madison.  It makes me want to say words like charming and quaint.  Not only did I love Madison, but I discovered that I like spending time with myself.  While Micah was at work last Friday afternoon I walked around the town.  It made me feel brave.  Bold.  Independent.  I liked it!  Just me.  Doing exactly what I wanted to do.  Stopping to look at exactly what I wanted to look at.  Lingering perhaps just a moment too long in all the spots that I was interested in seeing.  No one rushing me or telling me that no, I don't really need that cup of coffee from Madison Coffee and Tea or that the cat in the window of the bookstore did not want to be stared at for five straight minutes.  Just me.  Doing what I do.

Madison is full of beautiful, historic homes.  I probably took two thousand pictures of the different houses.  Row after row after row of amazingly amazing homes.  I tried to imagine what the neighborhoods were like before the streets were littered with cars.  Later, I asked Micah what people in Madison did to make money back in the day.  She said they were pig people.  I guess the pig business was a big deal way back.

I went to this antique mall that was haaauuuuge.  Filled to the brim with stuff.  Antique malls have only caught my attention within the past few years.  My mama is an antique connoisseur and my childhood home was always filled with treasures.  When I was a kid I always said that I would never have antiques in my home.  I wanted new stuff... why would I want someone else's old stuff??  Now I only want other people's old stuff.    

But what was with this?  Ha!  Hello 1995 WalMart portrait of girl in pigtails... And a bargain... priced at only $1.75.

I managed to make it out of the antique mall without buying a single thing.  Nada.  It was an amazing feat!  I can't wait to go back to visit!

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