Friday, November 9, 2012

Living Room Reveal!

Haaaappy Friday!

Before I get to my living room reveal, I want to let you all know that I am guest posting over at The Frugal Foodie Mama today as well!  Head on over to see how I created some trhifty Thanksgiving centerpieces and check out Carrie's blog while you're there... its awesome!  I promise, you'll LOVE it!

I am also so excited to be sharing another part of our home with you today!  Our living room!  This is definitely the most used part of our home and where most of our time is spent so it was important to me to make it feel cozy.  There are still a few elements that I want to add, but for the most part its complete and ready for your eyes to see!

This room has definitely come a long way.  I'll give you one guess what color the room was when we moved in...  YELLOW.  Just like all the other rooms in the house before I deyellowfied.  I couldn't find a saved before picture, but here is the post that shows the living room before paint.

I've tried to keep the room fairly simple.  I also chose to use colors {navy, gray, white} that are fairly neutral.  I can add in different accent colors later when I want a change.  Right now I've chosen to use red orange for an accent.

My favorite part of the room is this striped wall.  You can read about how I did it and see my inspiration from Pinterest here.  We also recently purchased a new couch and love seat and I am in love with the color.  Its called slate.

I purchased this oil painting at a yard sale for $2.00.  You can't beat two bucks for a piece of original artwork!  I took it out of the old grungy frame it came with and put it in this white IKEA frame to match the others in the room.

This next piece is my favorite!  Its a 1930's tobacco basket that I found at the Covered Bridge Festival with Ashlee.  I had been looking for something big that would take up quite a bit of wall space and I love this!  The only problem is that Caleb does not... he said he would live with it though... what a good hubby!

Cinderella wanted to be in on the action...
Here is the view of the room from the corner.  {Notice that Caleb was watching NASCAR.  Barf.}

I was excited to be able to showcase my collection of antique ladies' compacts.  I've tried to add little touches of color around the room to tie it all together.  I love turquoise Ball jars and the collection of items that I added on the wall near the entry.

Its so nice to feel like this space is finally our own.  No more yellow.  MUCH more relaxing!  Aaahhh!


  1. Love the blue mason jars with the twigs - simple is always pretty. I am now following your blog and found you from your guest post at Frugal Mama :-)

  2. I love it, Jodi!! Will you come do a striped wall for me when we buy a house?? :)
    That tobacco basket is amazing! I've never seen anything like it.

  3. What a lovely room! I love your striped wall, it looks fantastic! I'm a new follower from Mia's blog, so happy to have found it!

  4. Also, my favorite Starbucks drink is probably a passion tea or a caramel macchiato! ;)

  5. Your walls look amazing. I love that basket you chose. It would be so pretty with a cute little cut out in the middle (like a little house or heart).
    My favorite drink from Starbucks is White Chocolate Mocha with extra whip. I fell in love with that thing. lol

  6. Hopping over from Mia's blog!
    I am so in love with what you've done in your living room -it really is amazing what a few things can do. I'm especially in love with the striped wall!!

    And also, thanks for the giveaway over there - so nice!

  7. LOVE this post. You may have inspired me to paint stripes in our new house! Stopping by from your giveaway at Chronicles of Chaos! I really look forward to following your blog ;]

  8. I'm a new follower! via Chronicles of Chaos! I am a plain jane and like regular coffee, cream and sugar!


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