Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soul Food and a Soul Sigh.

Is there anything better than staying in a nice hotel?  Well since you asked, yes there is!  Staying in a nice hotel with a glass of wine, some gossip, and a good friend that you haven't seen in ages is much better!  Its food for the soul.    

I find it very rare to remain friends with someone as long as I have been friends with Ashlee.  Childhood friends seem to come and go with the different phases of life.  And thats okay, but when you find someone that you can remain friends with no matter what changes life brings your way, where you live, or how busy you may become... you know you have found something special.

I've been reading a new book lately that has challenged me to think about the things that "make the blood rush to our head, our hearts skip a beat, and our souls sigh" (Sarah Ban Breathnach from Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy).  What better way to celebrate the good things in life than to get together with an old friend.

Or buy some Junior High-ish friendship rings... Mind you these rings are from a real jewelry store (NOT Claire's) and are made out of sterling silver... and cost more than $5.99 for a matching pair.  I've been proudly wearing mine for the past two weeks... :)

What else feeds my soul, makes my heart skip a beat, and my soul sigh?  Sunday drives.  To new places.  Through the country.  Under fluffy white clouds.

And cheesecake.  

I'm looking forward to many more things in the upcoming months that will be sure to make my "soul sigh."  

What makes your soul sigh?  

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