Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Magic and Pre Spring Cleaning.

The holidays were magical.  Christmas with family.

New Years with friends in a beautiful cabin in the woods.

And then I returned home.  To a mess.  Caleb and I left home in a whirlwind.  Excited to begin the holiday festivities, see family, and spend time with friends.  So naturally, when we came back home I decided that the mess was intolerable so I proceeded to make an even bigger mess by organizing and rearranging every last piece of furniture in our small loft apartment.

Is it too early for Spring cleaning?  

Proceed with caution.  What you are about to see is utterly disturbing and entirely disgusting.  Please forgive the blurry photos... I think my camera was in shock... 

And this, my friends, is what you find when you move our couch.  A cat toy, a pony tail holder, my long lost favorite chap stick, and a pistacchio shell.  Oh wait, don't forget the bottle cap and cotton pad that I used to remove some turquoise nail polish from my toes back in July.  Gross! 

Oh don't worry... Spinter was in heaven.  My Grandma says that all cats love a good mess.  I think she's right.

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