Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I'm big on traditions. 

Sometimes I know that I go overboard with my attempts to make the holidays meaningful and memorable, but I can't help it.  To try to keep me from being this excited about Christmas would be like telling me that my hair isn't really brown or that I don't have freckles.  Its just part of who I am.  But it's easy for me to get caught up and out of control in that Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation kind of way.  I just think that I am at that point in my life when I really appreciate all of the traditions of my past and at that same time am eager to make my own.

One of my favorite traditions is making Christmas cookies with my grandma.  It's a family recipe for a French cookie called a Galette.  And they are yummy!  Like with any cookie the dough is equally as addicting.  

The interesting thing about these cookies is that you can only make two at a time because you make them in a cookie iron.  I like to think that it means there is extra thought and love in each cookie.  Hehe.

Every year, this is where you will find my grandpa... sitting at the end of the table.  Supervising.  He never makes the first cookie, but lets you know if you cook one too long.  He also likes to swipe the cookies when you aren't looking.  He is somewhat of a French cookie connoisseur.  :)  

Look at that golden brown goodness.  

And here's what this one did while we made cookies.  And yes.  That's a textbook.  That he is reading for fun.  Overachiever.

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