Monday, April 18, 2011

Meat Loaf Meat Loaf... Double Beet Loaf.

I will admit.  I like a good mystery.  As a child, I just couldn't seem to get enough Nancy Drew.  If I thought that it was still acceptable (or more like I wasn't too embarassed at the library) I would probably still read the books.  Hello??... Carmen Sandiego anyone?  I like the game Clue, and I'm all about a good Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  I like surprises.  I do.  But you have to draw the line somewhere people and my line is definitely drawn at mystery meat.

This may look all inocent and sweet with its ketchupy glaze all heaped up in a pile, but this ain't your grandma's meat loaf folks.  You know, maybe its becuase I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, but I don't know how this can be acceptable.  I decided not even to post a picture of the inside of the meat loaf because, honestly, it looked like something you would find in the backyard. 

Then they put what looks like a sandwhich on your tray.  Cut all triangly and cute, but really its just a butter sandwhich.  Correction.  A marjoram-like substance sandwhich that leaves a waxy coating on your tongue and the roof of your mouth.  Reminded me of what I would imagine eating a candle would be like.  Yuck.

Don't ask me how.  Dont' ask me why.  Don't ask me how it was humanly possible, but I choked down every last bite.  I do it for the kids, ladies and gentlemen.  Actually, I was really hungry and I thought, 'If they are eating it, I can eat it.  How bad can it be?'  B-A-D. 

The only healthy item on the tray was the baby carrots.  And honestly, the only reason the baby carrots were on the tray was becuase I chose them.  The kids get to pick on additional item and the other choices aside from carrots were pudding and jello.  I had to pay 75 cents extra to get a small piece of fruit and a dollar extra for a baby sized bottle of water (8 oz). 

This very well may be the last school lunch of my life.  Oh school lunch, how I used to love you so.  That must have been way back before I had any common sense...  Are we really letting our kids eat this crap?  And to think... this is the only nutritious meal that some kids get in a day.  It seems like we could do a little better than this.

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  1. This is why we need to figure out ways to make Farm-to-Cafeteria programs work for local communities!


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